How Are Completely Different Types Of Candies Prepared

How Are Completely Different Types Of Candies Prepared

Candy is prepared from sugar syrup. The syrup is heated for a long interval so that it starts to solidify. Candies are available in number of textures, from soft and gummy to hard and brittle. The type produced depends on the temperatures and cooling interval of syrup during its preparation.

The History

In Old days steam power was used in factories. Sweet making and consumption increased throughout nineteenth century. In early days of its development preparation was performed principally by hand. It was prepared at house or in small, native shops. Increased machine involvement caused costs to return down and consumption increased.Within the late 19th century early twentieth century, candy was considered sweet and friendly, so making ready it at house, giving to associates and family members was the trend. But over time its manufacturing developed in to an enormous industry. There had been a time when it even got the standing of alternate meal. At that time there was very little awareness about nutrition. It was only in late twentieth century that people had been made aware, that these give empty calories and their reputation got here down.


Making candy could be hazardous at instances, because of the high temperature of sugar. The temperature often exceeds a hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. Even small splashes can cause burns.

Types Of Candies

They are basically 2 types of candies. Hard Candy and Soft Candy.

1. Hard candy

Hard candy, is a candy prepared from syrups heated to a temperature of one hundred sixty °C. After heating the syrup to this temperature, it's poured in moulds after which cooled till room temperature we get hard candy. To add colour, food grade color is used.

2. Soft candy

Soft candy is subdivided in to 2 categories:

a. Cotton sweet

Cotton candy is made by spinning sugar. The Machines used to make cotton candy has a spinning head covering a small bowl. Granulated sugar is poured within the bowl while it spins. Heaters soften the sugar, and this melted sugar is squeezed out through tiny holes by centrifugal force, and the molten sugar solidifies within the form of strands, then a stick, cone, or fingers are used to collect the strands.

b. Marshmallows

Using marshmallow to make a candy dates back to historical Egypt. It is prepared utilizing egg whites, τυπωμένα κουφέτα corn syrup and sugar. Now a days, marshmallows are prepared by process of extrusion. Extrusion is the process in which we power semi stable paste of sugar via small orifice to present it cylindrical shape.